AMPGLAZE is an architectonic glazing system with elegant design and appearance. It offers high versatility, low maintenance and a sustainable design for various architectonic challenges. AMPGLAZE incorporates standing-seam profling and glazing that enable wide spans and high load resistance. It can be specifed in various lengths to match various structures, including flat and curved designs.

Features and advantages of Ampglaze

- Glass-like clear appearance
- Standing seam leak-proof performance
- Free thermal expansion
- Caulking and silicone free
- Withstanding high loads
- Easy, fast and safe installation
- Minimal maintenance


Transparency 9%

Solar Control

Ampglaze Information

AmpGLAZE Dimension


AMPGLAZE illustrations

1. Cut to Size

AMPGLAZE illustrations

2. Fix Alu Base

AMPGLAZE illustrations

3. Remove inner masking

AMPGLAZE illustrations

4. Position the panels

AMPGLAZE illustrations

5. Fix Alu Cap

AMPGLAZE illustrations

6. Assemble Cap Close

AMPGLAZE illustrations

7. Fix End Close

AMPGLAZE illustrations

8. Remove outer masking

sanglaze instal

9. Install side flashings


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