Terms and Conditions

1. We reserve the right to change site inspection date or construction date within 3 business days after receiving confirmation of payment

2. We will deliver the goods or begin site inspection within 7 business days after payment confirmation. The date might be changed depending on availability of products and staff but we shall give a 3 business day notice if such event occurs.

3. We reserve the right to cancel any orders which payments are not received within 3 business days after order date

4. In case that the goods do not match purchase order or order confirmation documents, we allow goods exchange within 7 business days from delivery date. The total amount of goods must be higher or equal to the original purchase. In case the new goods amount is higher than the original amount, we will deliver the goods within 7 business days after additional payment confirmation.

5. If the customers wish to cancel order after the payment is completed, the customers must give us notice within 24 hours after such payment occurs. We reserve the right to only refund 90% of the total order amount.

6. Kindly check the products’ quality once receive before signing confirmation documents. Once such documents is signed, the products cannot be exchanged or refund.

7. Site inspection fee is 1,000 baht, which can be used as a discount on your purchase for installation. We reserve the right to not refund site inspection fee if the customer do not purchase.

Any questions, please contact call center service at 089-766-9055. (Mon-Sun 8.30-18.00)


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